Mobile Crushing

SupaCrush Mobile focuses on contract crushing, supplying large volumes of aggregate in very short turnaround times, such as the more than 1 million tonnes delivered for the expansion of the Coega harbour. This is made possible by the use of a number of “state of the art” mobile crushing units which operate throughout Southern Africa.

Our strength lies in the ability to establish the crushing unit and commence operations in a short space of time. Depending on the type of rock that needs to be crushed, our crushing capacity can reach up to 600 tonnes per hour. Our product range consists of concrete aggregate, base coarse, ballast stone, manganese, iron ore and quartz crushing.

Jaw, Cone & Impact Crushers for Hire

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In the ever changing mining and construction world SupaCrush has diversified to mineral processing for mining companies. SupaCrush has undertaken to mine various minerals in the sector being iron ore, manganese and chrome. This mineral processing will be drilling, blasting, extraction and processing of various materials which could be beneficial for mining companies that operate their own mines, their own dumps, or are subcontracting to large scale mines. SupaCrush has also embarked on new rock breaking techniques with specialised imported equipment. SupaCrush has a combined experience of 25 years in the diverse mining and crushing industry.

SupaCrush will operate on a high volume, low cost basis utilising state of the art equipment.


We are currently engaged in contract crushing for three commercial quarries. The first one being Rietkuil Quarry located in St Albans, Port Elizabeth, which supplies aggregates for PE, Uitenhage and Coega. The second contract is at Zwartebosch Quarry located in Humansdorp, which supplies aggregates to Humansdorp, Jeffreys Bay and surrounding areas. The third contract at Potgieter Quarry, is located near Kenton on Sea, Eastern Cape which supplies Grahamstown, Alexandria, Port Alfred and other towns in the area.


SupaCrush has a unique company called Crushing Consultants (Pty) Ltd. This company offers 45 years of combined crushing experience in the mining and civils aggregate sectors. These services are offered on a mentorship and guidance basis, uplifting emerging and previously disadvantaged companies into medium to large entities. Crushing and mining is also offered on this basis.